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A pakistani word meaning insufferable. It is often used as a first name in spite of the meaning. People with this name are known to cheat, disrespect people (including their families), and lie. Abuse and manipulation is often associated with this name. It is based on an old fairy tale of a woman who uses and abuses a man for his money, time, and love. She later treats him as though she is better than him and takes him for granted. The man leaves and she moves on to her next victim.

Although this name has many negative connotations it is still widely used. If you believe that there is power in a name, be careful of anyone that has this name
I can't believe she was so cruel, she's a real Atiyyah.
by Mgtow_4life July 23, 2017
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A considerate, kind, patient, beautiful, amazing, awsome human being. Someone that gets you. A person who you can really talk to. I person you can trust. Atiyyah is a name that knows what it wants. If you are a Atiyyah you are lucky to have that name, you know what you want

If you know a Atiyyah you better hold on to that person cause if you let her go it will be hard to get her back.
When i grow up i wanna be an Atiyyah
by Sky pretlow April 09, 2017
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