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A beautiful and a incredibly gorgeous girl, and one of the sweetest girls

you'll ever meet. She's the kind of girl that always makes you smile. She knows what to say and when to say it. Shes a loveing person and very kind hearted. And If somethings bothering you, She can tell thats somethings wrong just by the way you look at her. She's smart, very funny and has funny facial expressions, she also has a very unique laugh. She has some of the most beautiful eyes; easy to get lost in. Shes very easy to fall in love with. Every time you look at her your heart stops and when she looks at you, suddenly your hearts going a mile a second. She has been through a lot and is very strong. When she talks to you all you can do is smile, your heart will race and your mind loses
track of everything else. She gives some of the best hugs on earth and is conforting when needed and she can make you the most happiest guy on earth. Shes one of the best friends anyone can have, along with one of the best girlfriends a guy can ask for. Your lucky if you have her in your life and someone you'll never want to lose. She someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. And is someone I miss.
by Toothpick March 15, 2017
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