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One of many misspellings that was used in a now-popular review of the game Super PSTW Action RPG on Newgrounds. The original review was written by the user Axman13, but has since been deleted.

It was probably supposed to say/mean "other" instead, but because of the many typos in the review, it (among the others) was perceived by the Newgrounds-user D-Mac-Double in a more flavorful and funny taste, spawning the popular audio-clip "Dot Dot Dot", later being the basis for the even more popular flash-movie "Dot Dot Dot - Animated".
D-Mac-Double pronounces the word as "Ath-Or"

It is related to the words beacuase, esey, stranth and reley, among others, which originates from the same sources.

"The athore coments al totol lies!"

ie: "The other comments are total lies!"
by studiohq October 30, 2011
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