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Someone in a profession that is normally considered an athlete but realistically is being paid boo koo dollars to do something that requires very little athletic potential, i.e. something one would do as a hobby.
Nascar drivers say that they are athletes, but everybody knows they aint nothing more than athlobbiests wanting to be placed in the same category as the nba and nfl...come on man!

Guy: So you play sports huh?

Douche: Yeah...jus got signed to this new up and coming team in professional hacky sacking

Guy: Say wat! Hacky sack aint no sport!

Douche: Sure it is...we train very hard and have some of the best athletes around.

Guy: Mannnn...if you a athlete..I'm a viatnamese fighter ain't nuthin' but a damn athlobbiest! requires tactics...know how...cunning abilities to think way beyond what your opponent is thinking....but this is not a requires no athletic aptitude whatsoever
.....if you disagree with this statement
.....then you're a corny ass ATHLOBBIEST!!!

Curling...seriously people, this is the quentessential example of a athlobbiest who got in by forfeit...sliding a big ass stone across some ice just so you can have two virgins sweep the in front of it to somehow clear a path and change direction so it can hit another stone in a target circle...this aint nuthin but shuffle board on ice and last time i checked you got drunk when you played shuffle board so that means some drunk dumb ass said, "hey you know wat would be cool...shuffle board on ice".
by Durrtyville September 29, 2011
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