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The fusion of the words Atheist and bigot. Used to describe Atheists who show utter disdain, outlandish prejudice, and impotent hatred for those who don't believe exactly what they do (or don't). Atheots are frighteningly seen as the voices of reason by the vast majority. They are prone to patronizing innocent bystanders, writing blistering articles in free community college newspapers, and referencing bullshit statistics.
Atheot: "The downfall of human intelligence is without doubt religion, which has existed alongside humanity for all of recorded history; not lack of education, or increasingly simplistic ideals and lifestyles. Anyone who disagrees with me is a second class citizen."

Atheot: "All war is started by religion; not territorial issues, resources, politics, money, or human bigotry. Anyone who disagrees with me is a second class citizen."

Atheot: "Humanity didn't know war or prejudice until Christianity arose. What? You studied the classics? Shit..."

Atheot: "It sure is hard to be a white, male, college-bound Atheist in America. We are but the minority- powerless and without a voice. Our intolerant, offensive and child-like behavior is thus justified."

Atheot: "Ouch! I stubbed my toe! DAMN YOU, RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES"!
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