She is funny and is sometimes stubborn but she shows it so she can show of that she don't need no man or anyone (but secretly she does) she is an independent woman. She also really crazy!!!!!
Wow have you meet Athalia she the best person ever
by Athalia April 5, 2018
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Athalia is a very chaotic girl, she really likes memes and being the most annoying person in world. She has not many friends, but if she does, she will be attached to them. She has red brown-sih hair and light chocolate skin, she wears glasses and is not afraid to take it off in public. She wears a T-shirt and long pants, usually a shirt over the T-shirt cause she really likes dressing masculine. She wears a watch and never takes it off. She has a friend name kathlyn , kiroki, and nada
Person 1: hey, have you seen that new kid?
Person 2: yeah her name is Athalia
Person 1: oh.
by Elvan Wilson October 3, 2019
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the most pwnful cookie in the sea of cookies :D she is so baked and crispy that you cant resist her tongue-tingling greatness. yum.
ill sleep well tonight knowing that ill be getting some athalia tomorrow, man.
by the biznatch January 23, 2007
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