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The one and only word that over powers "gaylord". May only be used after one gets called a gaylord, and never used any other time.
Guy 1: "fuck you you're gay."
Guy 2: "Well you're a gaylord, O0o0O0ohhhhh I won!!!!"
Guy 1: "Astro Faggot."(walks away calmly)
Guy 3: (To Guy 2) "Dude you just got owned!"
by MrBugle69 June 01, 2011
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A faggot of astronomical proportions.

- Made of such epic faggotry it's almost legendary.
- Someone who needs to be killed using fiar and can be used in conjunction with the "Does not want!" line.
- A faggot in space
'haha, cowy is such an astro-faggot..'
by [Unit 731] April 04, 2007
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