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A dump in which somebody cries for attention and screams alot. They pretend to be in a fatal situation but really are just taking a poo. In most cases of asthma dump, a nebulizer is needed. When the A.D.T. Asthma Dump Taker is confronted on what happened, they make up a very large, exaggerated story about how it hurt so bad. Most A.D.T.'s cry after taking the asthma dump to make it more realistic. They also act as if they can't breathe in a dying state.
"OH MY GOD!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! I'M HAVING AN ASTHMA DUMP!!! I NEED DA NEBULIZER!!!!to husband and children then starts to cry overly-loud for attention I NEED SOME MUTHA-F***** TOILET PAPER!!!!
by DeathByHallows November 21, 2009
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