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A word for something/someone beautiful and or gorgeous and much more elegant than the original word aesthetic

the word "Asthetiq" is more used for a "person" than an item but it is very rare for a girl to be dubbed the name of "Asthetiq" if you find a girl which matches "Asthetiq" do not let her go because she is one in a million. this type of girl is not "hot" or "sexy" at first glances they can be at will but this type of girl is much more classy than those words and is much better defined as beautiful or gorgeous or just "Asthetiq"
joe: hey bob you see the asthetiq-esque feel of that girl. wow she is amazing.
bob: yeah joe that girl really is an asthetiq type girl. are you going to try and get to know her? if not I am because she is one in a million
by hallucinogenickids September 20, 2009
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