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Assoween is the unofficial holiday surrounding (i.e. way before and way after) the popular ONE-DAY holiday Halloween, in which the middle-aged sector of the general public, incapable of figuring out exactly what day Halloween is, don their cheap Marvel superhero or Playboy Bunny costumes and swarm to the local bars and clubs, wherein they suddenly develop a drunken superiority complex like no other.

Activities in this state include asking people if they want autographs, trying fruitlessly to hit on university girls/each other, abusing the bar staff (more than normal) and generally making everyone around them feel embarrassed to be human.
Overweight Guy in Iron-Man costume: "What do you mean, you haven't got any drinks offers on?! This is an outrage! I want your manager! For f**k's sake, it's Halloween!!"

Disgruntled Bartender: *mutters* "more like "Assoween"..."
by littleradge October 30, 2009
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