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The hitting of the absolute bottom of life. You can go no lower than this. This word is the absolute embodiment of being a complete loser in life and 99.9% sure your not going to being able to amount to anything in life. If you are a Assistant Janitor, you are a worthless meat sack and you should have never existed. But if you are one, you should take pride in it,it is the only thing you can take pride in. So, Assistant Janitors of the world. Stand up, and wear this as a badge of honor, because its not easy to be an Assistant Janitor. Eh, actually its pretty easy.
Man 1: "Dude, you are 69 years old and you've never had a job,you have had an unhonorable discharge from the U.S. Military,you were kicked out of your own birthday 20 years in a row, evicted from your cardboard box,you've had 16 interventions on your sticker addiction, and you have the most viewed fail on YouTube. Dude, you're an Assistant Janitor."

Assistant Janitor: "You're darn skippy, and I'm proud of it."
by Kane Chitty July 10, 2014
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