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The extreme and urgent anxiety that your butt hole feels when you're about to lay major eggs in your pants. Derived from anal anxiety.

Assiety is a registered trademark of What What in the Butt Inc.
Chad: Guys... after eating all that sonic, i really need to lay some major eggs...
Joey: DUDE! you have a bad case of assiety!

(ring... ring... ring... ring...)
Josh: uhhhhh helllo???
Lionel: What up dude!?!?! you okay?
Josh: Man, I've been on the pot allll day. This assiety won't calm down!!
Lionel: I hope i can't catch assiety through the phone.. i gotta go.

Monty: Get out of the bathroom... this assiety is about to explode!!
Carlos: right meow????
by TheRealAnalLeakage May 11, 2011
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