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A disorder present only in males that causes them to compulsively act like an asshole or jerk.
Being an 'asshole' can consist of treating people like shit; using women then casting them aside; lying to women or general mistreating of women. Sometimes there are rare cases where males are involved.
Assholeimia is incurable and is some cases even believed to be genetic. Assholeimia is not passed on through germs or sexual contact.
Once you come into contact with someone with Assholeima, the only way to avoid the harrasment they carry with them is to ignore them completely and in some cases, run away!
It can be very difficult to spot as most people with this disorder appear to be very nice at first.
(Asshole has Assholeimia)
Asshole: Hi there, you're a very beautiful lady
Woman: Why thankyou
Asshole: Would you like to go on a date with me sometime?
Woman: Well, I don't know, I don't even know you
Asshole: Ahh man, I knew a beautiful woman like you wouldn't bother with a guy like me
Woman: No, wait... I'd love to
(After the date and some 'coffee'...)
Woman: Wow, that was amazing.. I think.. I really like you
Asshole: ...
Woman: Hello?
(Somewhere else)
Asshole: Hi there, you're a beautiful lady
by Left-handed-kewl-kid December 18, 2009
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