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A type of shirt where the Collar and possibly the Cuffs are white and the body of the shirt is colored (blue, etc). Originated from the desire to be seen as both "White Collar" and aware of fashion trends. Predominantly worn by investment bankers, asshole bosses, frat boys, and those who wish to display, but do not actually have, money.

Notable perpetrators include: Bill Lumbergh (Office Space) and Ken Lay (Enron)
That guy wore his Asshole Collar out to the bar with jeans, what a douche.

I started my new job today and I could tell my boss will be a real prick by his Asshole Collar.

Look at those frat boys wearing Asshole Collars as if they had a job and didn't live off mommy and daddy.
by Camelsah October 27, 2009
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