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(n.) Assasindonky is fermented fig. People of ancient Greece put the paste onto the vagina of virgins so that they could "fuck" with the soothing cream inside there feminine organs painlessly.

This of course this ritual is utter bullshit. It was some creepy old guy who wanted to rub a virgins pussy. Everybody knows the only way to free a virgin of pain is to fuck her harder.It is said that some native tribes still practice it today in the for of creams and lotions.

The word assassin comes from the word assasindonky as during the 800's people began testing this idea and started to secretly rub virgin vaginas. This soon led to the aids epidemic in Africa ass they all fed the fermented fig to African slaves.
I told that dumb bitch about assasindonky and she believed me. Well, i had a nice fucking.
by Cody Chu December 21, 2009
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