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A social disease, can be terminal, chronic, or acute. Tends to get worse with time. Chronic assaholism usually becomes fatal or long term and debilitating when mixed with drugs or alcohol, though not all assaholics are substance abusers.

Assaholics tend to congregate on websites pertaining to guns, race, or the poaching of large wildlife, dating sites (the married ones) and political rants.

Christian assaholism is a type of strain of assaholism that can be more prevalent in the bible belt.

Assaholism epidemics have been known to spread quickly, especially in large groups, hipster bars, frat houses, strip clubs, bad traffic and crowded department stores.
Assaholism ASSA-Hawl-ism, ASSA-haw-lick

"I see you've done nothing to cure your assaholism. Next time try hitting on my mom instead of my best friend. That might work better. Not."

"who's texting you at 2:20am?!"
"oh it's that assaholic I told you about. He thinks I'm going to be his bootycall. Not."
by Sadiesays December 09, 2013
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