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One who hides behind people's asses.
Martin Murphy ass panzered behind me when the school cop came in asking who was selling weed.
by Brian SuperAwesomeRaveParty January 28, 2009
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1. Noun (olde English infused with Germanic overtones): One who thrusts the virtues of elegance through the figurative sphincter of an uncouth savage.
His tireless efforts to tame the savagery of Britain's underclass, commonly known as 'Chavs', have granted him status as the foremost asspanzer of our age.
by vvvggg August 04, 2005
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A large, tank like ass, that seemingly leaks little chunks, kind of like flak.
Damn, look at that asspanzer she got goin on!
by LASER-TREATMENT February 07, 2004
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