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A kite that is spawned, and flown, out of your asshole
"That's a really nice ass kite, nick jonas."
"Thanks, i have no friends"
by McDoozle March 01, 2009
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Toilet paper that accidentally sticks to someone’s butt instead of flushing down the toilet. It hangs out of the back of an unknowing person’s pants, leaving a brown tattered kite blowing in the wind.
Look at that assclown flying a 6 foot long asskite
by wicked clown March 18, 2004
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A light framework covered with cloth, plastic, or paper, designed to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string, which is held between the buttocks of a man or woman. Holding the string in any other manner renders it merely a kite.
It's a nice day. I think I'll head down to the beach and fly an asskite. With my ass.
by Bilbo March 16, 2004
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