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The art of pulling a solution to a problem, money, or a much needed object, etc. or lawsuit from out of nowhere to save or ruin the day. (Like your ass.) This can be used for good or evil purposes.
There must have been some old ass magic in that hat of his he found, because it kept him from melting into a puddle of yellow snow, and he continued to dance year round. (As he set fire to the children. Which he is now suing for the damage their burning corpses made to his dry cleaning.)
by Dr. Spank April 05, 2012
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When you are having sex with someone who does not like it anal. You wait until it is nice a juicy and magically slip your dick into her ass and make her cum all over the place!!!
My girlfriend was a prude until I slipped her some ass magic and now she is an anal slut.
by DaddyJackson September 10, 2004
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