Taking a Giant shit that is followed by a bloody discharge
I just gave ass birth to something that looked like Bill Cosby
by abe fromen April 21, 2011
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Ass Birthing is a very strange fetish that involves a person holding in their shit for an extended period of time; sometimes for weeks or months at a time. Once the individual has decided that they are ready to "give ass birth", they attempt to push out all of the backed up fecal matter that has built up in their colon during the "hold it in" stage.

Ass birthing is very painful and is also terrible for your body. If the individual holds it in too long, it can be almost impossible to "shit it out", and at this point, the individual will need medical attention to remove the shit from their body. The ass birthing process is extremely painful, and usually causes anal hemorrhaging, and a horrible anal prolapse.

Ass birthers are extreemly masochistic, and usually end up inflicting life threatening harm on their bodies.
"Hey man, are you okay? You look like you are in a lot of pain?" - "Yeah, I'm fine, just in a lot of pain. Going through my second ass birthing, and it is constant pain. Going to try to make it 3 months this time before shitting!"

"Wow there is a lot of screaming coming from that bathroom!" - "Yeah, the moron is giving ass birth."

"I always wanted to go through the process of giving birth, but I'm a man; so I am an ass birth enthusiast."
by aldougy February 22, 2014
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