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Male or female. Activist protesting the fashion-obsessed decadence of city life by wearing backpacking gear.
Population size: Moderatly common
Habitat: Major Urban centers, green party rallies, co-op markets,

walk ten city blocks in a major metropolitan area and you'll be sure to encounter an Asphat Ranger. Easily identified by their enormous LL beanc backpacks, hiking boots, parkas and on occasion walking sticks. If you're riding the subway and the person next to you whips out a canteen, chances are you are in the presence of an Asphalt Ranger.They usually graduate from any college where drinking from a styrofoam cup warrants irreparable social ostracism. Not to be confused with hippies they don't do drugs or drink to excess, but do go a little overboard on the trailmix,
Asphalt Rangers prefer athletic bras to victoria's secret and hiking boots to sneakers, denim to silk, quality and durability are always mode important than being fashionable.
by food court druides November 20, 2010
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