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A guy (but much less frequently, a girl) that has Asperger's Syndrome and has no clue as to how to be socially aware.

What's worse, an Aspergatron does NOT want to improve their social capabilities, simply thinking that it's somehow impossible to be both intelligent and social (false dichotomy, yay!).

Their aspergatronic circuitry doesn't seem to allow them the capacity to be a more well-rounded human being, and thus they get stuck in an infinite loop whereby they think that all that's required for success in life is raw intellect, thereby showing that they're not as intelligent as they thought they were and thus failing at life (and thus withdrawing further into obscure hobbies).
Linux Help Forum:

Regular IT guy: "Hey guys, would you happen to know how to do the following with the 'cut' command"?

Aspergatron: *said in aspergatronic robot voice* "CUT IS NOT EFFICIENT!"

Regular IT guy: "Oh wow, that's really not what I asked for..."
by LemurGuy January 14, 2013
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