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A mental condition that causes the afflicted to be exhibit VARYING degrees of socially awkward characteristics and extremely specific obsessions, being more common in men, but not unheard of in women.

Socially awkward characteristics include unusual vocal characteristics (voice is expressionless monotone or overly expressive radio personality voice), inconsistent or nonexistent grooming or hygiene, lack of facial expression, and the inability to carry on a normal conversation (extremely long winded or maddeningly terse).

Extremely specific obsessions could range from sports (i.e. knowing everything about a team) to celebrities to science fiction. Science fiction or fantasy being the most common, sufferers generally also possessing an active fantasy life.

His eccentric appearance and clothing, along with his long-winded story about the problems he was having with his girlfriend indicated to me that he might have a mild case of Aspberger's Syndrome.

She realized that she had lost count of how many times she had read Lord of the Rings and wondered if she had Aspberger's.
by mostlyharmless0042 April 13, 2009
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