A non- Asian male or female who is obsessed with everything that is made or liked by Asians. They will only date Asians and all of their friends are of an Asian race. Sometimes they will even know how to communicate in an Asian language.
Asian Kid: "Whoa! Look at that white guy with that little Sanrio phone charm and his cute Asian girlfriend!"

Other Asian Kid: "Yeah, what an Asian Lover."
by poopy bunghole June 15, 2008
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1. (Most common) A slightly, strange/weird or insecure white guy who is considered unattractive by white women, and made fun of by other white males. His only option is to go after the white man's easiest target. In HIS case this would be an Asian female (usually not a hot one), these girls love white guys and will practically fall in love with any white guy who talks to them. This white guy usually has male Asian friends just so he can feel like he is the "biggest" when in reality his dick is the same size as theirs.

2. An old creepy white guy who loves young Asian girls fresh off the boat from Thailand or The Philippines. This man will sometimes travel to Asian countries because he knows that’s the only place where he can get laid, even though he must pay for it.

3. A non-Asian male or female (usually white) who for some unknown reason loves Asian stuff, culture, and only dates Asian girls/guys.

4. A non-Asian male or female who admires Asian culture and loves Asians for who they are.

5. A rich white guy who could have any girl he wants, but only goes for the Asian girls because he loves that tight Asian pussy.

Asian guy 1: Hey look another white guy with his Asian girlfriend, that’s like the third couple I have seen today!

Asian guy 2: Haha yeah white girls won’t even look at him, that’s why he only goes for Asian girls, he knows that’s all he can get. Those guys usually like to prey on the ones who barely speak English, that way it’s even easier for them to get in their pants.

Asian guy 1: God damn these days so many white guys are Asian lovers.
by TruthTellAll November 23, 2008
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