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Ashtré (ash-trey)

Someone on imgoth who has a high ego, acts like they know thing they do not really know and uses Google searches to try and pretend they know, always wants to be the center of attention and becomes jealous of anyone that appears to get more attention and think lots of girls want them when when in reality the think he's a loser.
user1: I'm FUCKING Telly, girls think I'm a badass hacker.

user2: You're just a pathetic Ashtré and have to lie to girls about being a "badass hacker" to try to get with them. Only an Ashtré would do something that desperate, pathetic, and lame. Your failed concept of an idea was as simple as you thinking "If I make them think I'm a badass hacker I'm a get my dick sucked". You can try to pay a girl and she still wouldn't want your dick in her mouth for the fact that you're Ashtré, so pretending to be a hacker is fail from start Telly.
by (naht) December 15, 2009
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