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Well first of all people always spell her first name with an e when there's not one then they think your last name is Neumann and your like bruh it Nyman sound it out fr
Cashier " would you like to sign up for an account"

Ashly Nyman " sure"
Cashier "first name"
Ashly Nyman" Ashly with no E"

Cashier "a-s-h-l-i-g-h"
Ashly Nyman " no! Bruh keep it simple , A-s-h-l-y"
Cashier " ok last name"
Ashly Nyman "Nyman"
Cashier" Neumann?"

Ashly Nyman " Nyman "
Cashier "Neumann?"

Ashly Nyman " NYMAN"
Cashier " oh I hear you Do u spell it n-i-e-y-m-a-n?"
Ashly Nyman " fr N-y-m-a-n! It's literally like wyman with an N why y'all have to discriminate , it's just like it but y'all have to screw with it. Bitch I'm outta here ain't got no time for dis! "
Cashier "ok have a good day "
Ashly Nyman "😒🖕🏽"
by Amn021103 February 03, 2017
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