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Ashley Waldon is many things. Most words can't truly describe her though. To say she is beautiful would be a grand understatement. To say her beauty goes far beyond that of any other girl in the world would be close, but still not enough. When describing her it is impossible not to mention her wonderfully blue and captivating eyes. Looking at her eyes is like looking at the ocean. It's so grand and perfect that you can't help but be in awe at how something could be so breathtaking and enchanting at the same time. Ashley is remarkably unique. Most people are said to be one in a million. Ashley is said to be one in infinity. She is the type of person that will never be replicated due to the fact the universe can only handle all of her awesomeness once. Of course Ashley is much more than a ridiculously gorgeous girl. She has a heart like no other. It is often said to be loved by Ashley is one of the greatest things a person can experience. As you can expect whatever guy Ashley picks must be the luckiest guy in the known universe. Ashley tries so hard and cares so much for the people in her life. Obviously a girl this great is not without fault. She has a tendency to be "difficult" at times but she does it with such elegance that you can't help but love her for it. Ashley can simply be described as a fantastic and ever changing enigma with a natural grace that tends to defy logic because she does what she wants. Or to put all of this into one word Bueno
Guy 1: Did you see Ashley Waldon over there?
Guy 2: (turns to look and is instantly mesmerized and rendered speechless by her beauty)
by Jaren Logic November 05, 2014
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