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Winner of the 2005 WWE Diva Search, and Playboy's March 2007 Cover girl. Current girlfriend of WWE Superstar Paul London and Former girlfriend of WWE Superstar Matt Hardy. It' been nearly 4 years since she won her contract with WWE and she has yet to impress anyone. Lacks hugely in wrestling ability. Would be nothing without talented female athletes such as Melina Perez & Jillian Hall to carry her throughout all her matches. Very overrated . The biggest waste of time and space WWE has ever had under contract, which is saying something when they have ladies like Kelly Kelly hanging around, who in her 2 years with WWE has improved far more than Ashley has. Eye candy. Doesn't seem to care at all about WWE or wrestling as a whole. The biggest Diva Search disappointment to WWE fans nation wide. Probably only hangs around WWE for the outside opportunities they offer her, such as Playboy. Posed for Playboy under the alias Ryan Mackenzie, but was merely a cyber girl. Jumps at any opportunity she gets through WWE to appear in Magazines, TV Shows, Music Videos, & Game Shows. Should get serious and use that time to train and better her wrestling craft. Obviously used little or none of her time off during her Survivor sabbatical training. Put on her worst ever performance in her WWE woman's title match at Wrestlemania 23 against Melina. Raped Mickie James of a women's title match at Wrestlemania 23. Will be the cause of a riot if she's ever given the WWE woman's title as bad as she currently is. If and When she decides to get serious about her wrestling career SHOULD START WEARING PROPER RING ATTIRE (IE: PANTS!) FOR GOD SAKE! Wear's the shortest mini skirts in all her wrestling matches. Will NEVER replace Lita or Trish Stratus, Lita especially. Can try all she wants to be like Lita but will always fail. WWE should trade Ashley to TNA for Angel Williams AKA Angelina Love , who could almost be her twin sister but actually has great wrestling ability. Botches something every match she has. Is a Spot wrestler/monkey.
Girl 1- What do you think about Ashley Massaro?
Girl 2- She's very disappointing. She could be so talented but she doesn't seem to care or put the effort in. She only seems to care about her portfolio outside wrestling.
Girl 1- I agree. I'm sick of having to watch her wrestle in those tiny skirts too.

Mother- Turn that TV off.
Child- But mom I'm watching Ashley Massaro vs. Barney!
Mother- Watching a girl wrestle in a miniskirt is inappropriate! Turn it off!

Ashley, if you ever read this consider some of the things said here. This isn't meant to hurt you this is to show you what many people truly think. Consider things like training more and definitely consider wearing a more appropriate ring attire.
by Mole 1 February 25, 2008
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A pretty wwe diva who won raw diva search, she's also won Miss Hawaiian tropics several times and is known on wwe for her rock chick personality. She is currently suspended from wwe.
by Alix91 August 05, 2007
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