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A girl who is slightly (maybe more ) crazy, definitely cringy, hair is always a mess, has giant glasses, likes doing art and special effects, has too many accounts on Social Media, loves penguins and llamas, is way to obsessed with jumping on her trampoline, is NOT a morning person, likes to binge watch a lot of different shows and is really tired in school all the time plus other random pointless details.
Ashley Applesauce is tired right now.
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A nice girl. Really funny and smart. She loves herself some candy and needs no boyfriend to make her happy. She is a bit of a stinker, literally the girls farts a lot. She has many friends and is popular. Her style is so cute. Giant glasses with sweats and sweatshirts, perfection. She is so amazing and is a bad chic. All of you reading this really need to get yourselves and Ashley Applesauce!
Look at Ashley Applesauce . Ik dude Iā€™m meltin!
by lexi.batt November 17, 2018
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