The sexuality where you don't like neither boys nor girls.
Guy #1: "Yo dude, I heard Sheila likes you! You should totally ask her out."
Guy #2 "Nah man, I'm asex."
Guy #1 "So you're like, gay?"
Guy #2 "Nah man, I'm asex."
by asexordie May 18, 2009
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Tom: Dude! The Devil's Diary was awesome!

Jason: I know! Deanna Casaluce was asexable in that flick!
by Palexchick226 January 13, 2008
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That ultra horny kid at your school that fucks all the hoes… and the hoe-mies
Yo! You heard about Rasheed yet! He’s an Asex Predator man!
by Reddog13 November 7, 2021
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