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Name of female, short version is Aryn.

Arynian is the leader of the pack. She makes her own rules. She is very open minded but when it comes down to it, she sticks to her beliefs. When you come to her land, you'll instantly know about her; you'll be intruiged like no other just to meet her.

Once you see her, you are stunned by her beauty. She has a creative, unique, and majestic essence. You won't mistake her for her style, accent, or person. She has the perfect body, and she somehow creates the perfect mixture of adorable and beautiful. No matter how hard you try, you will be jealous.

Her personality is irreplacable. Once you befriend her, there is no finding someone better. Her fabulous sense of humor, wonderous outlook on things, and intelligence is too hard to find in one person.

Arynian treats her loved ones like family. You mess with them you mess with her. She is a sweetheart but when you're on her bad side consider yourself screwed. She's loyal, honest, sympathetic, and everything you can ask for.

If you happen to meet Arynian, consider yourself lucky.
I'm Arynian, I have cats, and I am going to die.
by Uhm-_- October 18, 2011
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