1. Also known as Alston 15.

2. a form of non-judicial punishment in the army given to soldiers typically for bullshit reasons

3. a way for military officers to feel superior and get their dicks hard

4.if your a soldier in the army and you become injured... Do not i repeat do not attend to your injuries or else you will get an article 15. also do not lose your wallet.
attn troops... there will be a 4 mile company ruck march tomorow at 5 am in 120 degree heat.

soldier 1- Damn man, you look like you had alot to drink yesterday

soldier 2- no i only had 5 drinks and one was a double

soldier 1- ok well make sure you make the ruck march or you will get an Alston 15... i mean article 15

solder 2- ok man

couple hours later.... Soldier 2 falls asleep and skips ruck march... receives article 15/loses pay/ demoted one rank
by no-motivation August 02, 2011
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