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1) Being perfect inside and out {v} 2) The act of confidence without ignorance {v} 3) Your ideal man, he loves you for everything you are as well as everything you are not. You do the same for him. Your love for him is unconditional. It is difficult to describe your feelings for him in words, but at the same time you could ramble on about him forever. Just the thought of him makes you wanna open Pandora, and create a station for Barry Manilow. He is beautiful. Anything you ever dreamt love to be is made 10 times better with his presence in your life. From the day you met him, every night when you look up at the sky the stars outline his face. He takes over all of your senses. You are the luckiest girl in the world, and there isn't one person in the world who wouldn't love to have a love like yours. {noun}
WARNING: Just as he is the best thing that walked into your life, he will also leave the biggest scar if he chooses to walk out.
1) Girl: "I can't help but to be falling in love with our philosophy professor, he's simply Arthur of the Saints."

2) Boy: "That new kid seems a little cocky, but he can back it up. I guess he is.." Girl: {interupts} "He is Arthur of the Saints." {walks off displeased}

3) Girl 1: "I'm exactly the type of girl I would make fun of in those lame love movies, the girl I said I would never be. I can't explain the way he makes me feel." Girl 2: "I don't understand, I guess I never will. Girl 1: "Don't say that. Everyone has their own Arthur of the Saints. It just so happens I found mine sooner than planned."
by emeraldiamond November 07, 2011
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