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I swear I do this every month. Arrawyn is my main thot and her parents forreal made up her name. When people go through their name definition in class and post it on their story she can’t do that. Give er a reason to live. Okay so here’s the definition;

Arrawyn leads people on online.
She makes rly detailed over complicated jokes that r dumb. She’s always pretty except on FaceTime for some reason. Fishnets. Her name scores 100% with obama on a name compatibility site. She’s smart or whateva. Musty guys really have a thing for her but also some really good ones too. Red checkered vans.
Tit tok

Pitter patter pee
Arrawyn Gow is in love with thee.
Name is lesbian joe,
Surrounded by the hoe
cartwheels in abundance
Shall cherish the conundrums
They experienced together.
On a faithful day her aunty’s she will travel,
And their feelings will unravel
For lesbian joe and arrawyn
Were always Meant to be
by Lovemeplas5 November 10, 2018
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