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Muslim name meaning a "writer". The sweetest guy you can ever meet or have. He is an amazing best friend that will always make your day, keep you smiling and support you thorough the hardest times in your life! You can always count on him and he will give you his strong shoulder to cry on and make you feel special again. He is great at giving advices and always finds right words for the right people. If you are dating one, you are one lucky girl! He is sweet, cute, kind, generous, hot, tender and intelligent. He has his own style that can range from swaggy to classy. Keep him close and don't let him go! He is extremely friendly and might make you jealous but he is worth keeping. His only minus is that he is easily distracted. Last but not least, he has a great sense of humor, sometimes he might joke "little bit too much" but by the end of the day he will make you happy again.
Guy: Are you still dating Arquam?
Girl: Yes of course, couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. He is perfect.
by little dizzy izzy January 11, 2014
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Arquam, he's the best guy you will ever meet and he is a true lover and he does whatever he wants no-one can go against him except his girlfriend, maybe he sometimes gets angry with his girl but never says anything behind her back. A girl is lucky to have him, not lucky but the luckiest, he tries to keep everyone happy but no-one thinks about him and he maybe friendly with another girl but in his heart their is only one girl, unluckily the girl doesn't understand much about her that how romantic the guy is and usually he gets heart broken. Girls who get Arquam as a boyfriend just one request please don't break his heart.
Friend 1:Why do you always cry?
Friend 2: because of a bad girl who was

just playing with him
Arquam:She was not a bad girl at all
by The master jockey May 30, 2019
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