Literally smartest person I have ever met. Rory doesn't go a brag bout her grades, if you ask her she will tell you and if she gets a 100 and you get a 73 she won't be like OML HAHAHA all in your face but instead she will kindly say, everyone has bad days. If you ever meet a Rory and are lucky enough to be their friend don't lose that friendship. Rory is extremely kind and sweet and not to mention a walking, eating, breathing, living ENCYCLOPEDIA. If you ever need help Rory is there. Rory encourages you too.

Rory loves books and learning
If you ever meet a Rory, be their friend, don't use them for good grades, but be their friend it will be the best decision you have ever made!

Sources: Real life experiences
Me or you i guess idk: Hey Rory, can you help me study im not doing so well in math
Rory: Of course!
A Rory in action of being kind
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by theschuylersisterpeggy November 13, 2018
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