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Army Girl, the kind of girl who would join the armed forces. She has character, charisma, leadership skills, a calm and collected disposition and often outstanding beauty. She can totally pull off a uniform...
All the men love her, as she has lots in common with them (interest in cars, games, sport, ability to drink pints and Banter), but has an amazing body and a beautiful face.

She commands attention, and looks fantastic with no makeup on. And whilst she doesn't mind getting down and dirty.... she might beat you on COD. She might even incorporate a few war stories into dirtyyy talk. She's the perfect girl for you.

Very rare.
comes with her own uniform.
"omg what a babe! I bet she's an Army Girl"

"My girl beat me on COD last night... she's a total army girl. What a turn on!"

"wow that girls a stunner. An actual army girl"
by millitary_chick May 17, 2010
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