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Noun: The new name for anime mecha being used by table gamers.
Referance is to armored war fighting machines that are built into the shape of the human body. A divergence from the standard war vehicles of the present day whose locomotion is either by wheel or tracked suspension.

Japan has long been a producer of this concept of giant fighting robots piloted by soldiers into combat.

The original terms used were mecha, gundam, battle mech or mech.

The origins of this idea were vaunted in such games as robotech, mechwarrior, and battletech.

The modern versions of these games are a standard feature of many computer video games today.
"Awwww, dude! Your megatank just crippled my armoroid with a hit from your heavy machineguns! You blew my armoroid's head off and killed my pilot!"

"Yeah, and when you turn around there is three heavy armoroids right behind you ready to blast your other units off the board!"
by armoroid 5000 July 17, 2009
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