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A former hardcore gangsta rapper who now relaxes within the confines of a gated community in a lavishly appointed, multi-million dollar home; enjoying a life that most of his fans can't hope to achieve.

A sell-out who's abandoned fighting "The Man" for fighting with his interior decorator.
Fan 1: Yo man, did you hear Diddy's 'bout to drop a new single?

Fan 2: Nah man I don't listen to that fool since he came out with a line of homegoods. He's gone form OG to AG.

Fan 1: AG?

Fan 2: Yeah he's all livin' the Armoire Gangsta (AG) life.

Fan 1: You jus' hatin'.

Fan 2: Nah man, I'm keepin' it real!
by barec2 November 11, 2011
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