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When girls go to the bathroom in groups.

can be used in any tense, often used by girls only to suggest in a discreet way that they have to pee but do not want to squeez through the crowd of creepy drunk guys in a bar alone(it's a safety in numbers kinda deal)

(no exact spelling exists.... the word was created when someone was delerious and meant to say Almanac, then instead said Armanarc... so she made up a definition that seemed to suit the newly created word and was determined to make it an actual slang term.)
Megan & Jackie: "hey Ingrid, wanna armanark?"
Ingrid: "sure"
Ryan: "hey, where'd all the girls run off to?"
Randy: "oh, they're armanarking...they'll be back"
Jackie: "sup."
Ryan: "i thought you girls armanarked??"
Jackie: "yeah... i didn't really have to go,and Megan did so i got Ingrid to go armanark with her instead..."
by IngfrΓ­Γ°r August 17, 2007
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