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A syndrome a child suffers due to parents using the child to manipulate and / or arm twist the other parent into adhering to certain obvious manipulative requests. Requests such as inflated child support which is not actually used to support the child in it's entirety, last minute schedule change for self-serving purposes, rules limiting the possibility of a new significant other to add family value and balance to sed child's life. Situations include and are not limited to "claiming" to have a significant other who takes highly unusual interest in a step fatherly / step motherly roll - with the ultimate goal of creating jealousy and envy where the father / mother will respond with a desire to cock block / muff block the new predator.

Doug: you're not taking our daughter to Daniele's house for dinner. Our daughter can wait to eat until I pick her up @ 8. I don't want our daughter thinking he's her father by being a guest at his house for dinner. If you go against my wishes I will keep you from seeing your daughter and I will go over there and whoop his ass right in front of our daughter. (Arm twist and cock block)

Linda: fine asshole! Then you can't take our daughter around Janice. She'll hurt our daughter anyway by leaving you. (Reverse arm twist / muff block)

*Both happy with outcome; however, child has arm twist syndrome
by dan newyorkmets booyah April 08, 2010
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