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ARLICIA is the type of girl that people may not like or even hate at the first impression, but once you get to know her she will melt your soul with her Kool-aid smile. You'll never want to get on her bad side for she is able to tear you apart, beat you down and then walk away with a smile. She is the type to know what she wants and often gets it no matter what. She's amazing, unique and funny with the most adorable and sexy laugh. She tends to be scatter brained and forgetful.Always complicated to understand, but you'll never want to stop trying.The nosiest person you will ever know. Sexiest in sweat pants and ruffled hair. She can read anybody without the slightest problem. She's everything you'd ever want in a woman. Funny, sexy, confident but yet at times can use a compliment and a long hug. The woman that you'll want to spend the rest of your life with.
That girls has issues, she's such an Arlicia!
by CeramicsG November 13, 2012
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