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A merging of the words 'Arkansas' and 'arse'. Used in the following circumstances:

1) To describe a person who typically and very frequently could be described to be all of the following: morbidly obese, ugly to the point of disfigurement, pathologically deficient, mentally retarded, a complete douchebag who is worth forgetting and one often found in the American state of Arkansas. Forget all the those you have met who could pejoratively be called an 'arse', this is an 'arse' of a particularly wretched and foul Arkansas variety.

2) A ridiculously-sized pair of buttocks. Often found on the back of very obese men and women. From Arkansas.
1) 'Look at that man over there. He just simultaneously walked into a tree whilst eating a family size portion of KFC and trying to string a sentence together about how awesome he is whilst talking on the banana he is convinced is his mobile. And I think he is from Arkansas as well. Heh, what an Arkansarse.'

2) 'Is that woman wearing a thong? It's hard to tell, what with her Arkansarse and all. God I hate this state...'
by RoryOD March 10, 2010
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