An evil record label founded by Patrice Wilson created to brainwash idiotic 13-year-olds into thinking they can sing (see Rebecca Black), then releasing some horrid 'smash hit' that goes extremely viral and eventually hated. Their fame got larger and larger with the release of Rebecca Black's Friday, known by Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, and other companies as "the worst song ever." Other awful works by this corporation include Alana Lee's 'Butterflies' and Ariana Dvornik's "Fly Away." All songs are known to contain stupid teenagers doing adult things, ludicrous amounts of autotune, the founder's voice in every song, some kind of 'party,' and other things. Patrice himself owns a YouTube account by the name of 'trizzy66.' This account name proves he's evil because 'trizzy' has six letters in it followed by the number 66. Altogether, this means 666, meaning he has to be evil.
Ark Music Factory is an evil, pedophilic company that thinks it's okay to exploit teenagers and turn them into corporate money-making machines. Yeah, they make Warner Music Group and VEVO look like the angels of record labels.
by TheReshiram April 02, 2011
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A music label masterminded by Patrice Wilson, who (rather cleverly) preys on the young aspiring pop star's desire to be recognized. Many of the people featured in these music videos are girls, presumably in Middle School, with a noticeably wealthy family; their equally wealthy friends usually co-star. This, accompanied by the outright stupidity of the song (i.e. I Love Chinese Food), makes Ark Music Factory especially susceptible to hatred. Sense the release of Rebecca Black's classic "Friday" AMF's business, quite curiously, has boomed rather than stagnated. Because of this apparent boom, we can expect to see more, increasingly cheesy music titles that commentators ages 12-16 flock to hate.
"The whole song is fucking terrible. No fucking kidding. This is just 10000000000X worse than Friday. FUCKING AWFUL "
-Someone's reaction after watching one of Ark Music Factory's more recent titles.
by Der Blucher December 01, 2013
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