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A Youth style that embodies the fabulousness of the past, almost victorian aristocracy. Aristo Punk is a style that takes the aristocracy's fanciness and fine clothing with punk's stereotypically rude mannerisms and unconventional clothes and ideals. Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess's novel 'A Clockwork Orange' greatly influenced Aristo Punk. Especially the lead Alexander Burgess. They wear mainly luxury fabrics. And the dress must have's are:
Cane/Walking Stick
Top Hat or Bowler/Derby Hat
Bowties & dress-shirt
Patches, paint-splatter, or fake blood
And extravagant right eye make-up.
They also study fine arts..and are superfans of classical music..all Aristo Punks share a love of Beethoven (Ludwig Van), but the more true to the style Aristo's say that although Beethoven is's important to have a wide varied love of composers, and fine art, the work that best represents Aristo Punk is that of Liverpool born Ged Quinn. Aristo's talk to other Aristo's in a language called Nadsat, (Russian for teenager) they study The Bible, and although they do not practice it anymore for it is illegal...they pretend to be involved in ultra violence.
Aristo punk's are also known for being cynical and careless. They also have a distaste for the authority and other punks that are reckless in every thing they do.
They also tend to call everyone by their first name excluding authority, to show rudeness.
Example of Aristo Punk speech:
Where a normal person would say (NP):
'Ah! Man, I've got a banging headache' an Aristo Punk would say (AP):
'Oh, my dear droogs (friends), I've a rather intolerable pain in the gulliver (head)'
(NP)'Hey I went to the movies, it was rockin' the film was great loads of blood everywhere!'
(AP)'Hi, Hi, Hi there, I went to the cine and the film I viddied (saw) was real horrorshow (Good) buckets of the great red kroovy everywhere in extraordinary amounts!'

(There are plenty of examples but they are just a couple)
A great way to see examples of Aristo punks is to watch/read A Clockwork Orange. The main character in particular.

The punk band every Aristo punk should like are The Adicts although they are very popular and a true Aristo punk will take pride in being fans of obscure artists.
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