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An Ariatna is usually a girl who is sensitive yet really can't express her love for you. An Ariatna normally seems like a jerk but if you can get through her bad side you will see the softer side if her. An Ariatna can be the worst or best person you can meet. Ariatna's are hot on the outside and inside, they will change your life the moment you meet one. If you do not love an Ariatna the moment you meet her you will fall for her at some point. Ariatna's are usually smart, original, and spontaneous. They will confess their love for you at some point in their life if not immediately. They are good kissers and beasts in bed.
Guy 1: Have you seen Ariatna she is a jerk. Guy 2: No she just seems that way, she is actually nice. Guy 1: You only think that because you love her. Guy 2: Yes I love her, and I'll keep loving her for I have done for quite a while.
by Dante7899 May 29, 2014
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