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a very stupid, dumb, super stale, boring,or awkward moment
Nikki:Man today was so good and everythang was going smooth. Everyone was laughing, having fun> the works. Then here comes Julie with some stupid ass comment and she ruins the whole day

Lola: YA dat was a ari moment if i ever heard one

Joey:Guess what Ima do that girl tonight
Deven:oh hell yea the same bright 1 with the thick ass
Kevin:oh yea she's a tight 1
MArcus: hey what did we get for Math homework today
(erey1 goes quiet and looks at marcus like he's an ass)
Deven: Ari moment

Man that trip was fun, we did so much crazy shit!

YEA like when we were tryin to reach that gucci bag from the top shelf n the whole thang fell n the glass scattered everywhere n all of us broke off runnin with a stolen gucci bag!

Lol thats a Good ari moment for the memories
by ressey March 05, 2008
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