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Ari, which is short for Arianna, tend to be four eyed, red headed, morbidly obese, hideously ugly gas station clerk's from Minnesota who are extremely judgmental and are quick to accuse individuals for stealing their belongings such as a PS4 or other type of electronic from her, then furthermore will choose to hold a lifetime grudge against that individual and will publicly disrespect the individual by childishly neglecting her job as a gas station clerk by making her co-worker do her job instead of acting like a grown ass adult and just being mature and ringing up the individuals shit who never even stole her belongings to begin with, even after the fact of finding out the individual never stole it to begin with.

Ari's also tend to either be puddle sluts or at the very least herb diggers meaning they only date guys who sell and recreationally use their drug of choice as a means to get a free fix.

Ari's also tend to be very controlling over their friends, specifically their boyfriends whom they leach their weed or other drug of choice off of.
"Seriously bro, Ari (Arianna) knows two spooks from Milwaukee stole her PS4 and pawned it Minnesota, why the fuck does she still think I did it?

"Because you went in Cadott the day it went missing bro, in her defense thats suspicious af."

"For one, Cadott and Milwaukee are 3 hours apart, thats a lot of work for just one PS4 especially for it end up back in Minnesota, and for two, I don't know any spooks from Milwaukee, I don't even know the spooks here in Stewie or

even any in Roch, you know I'm not to fond of niggers"

"Idk bro, just let go, its not a big deal, it's done and over with bro"

"It is to me bro, it is to me, because its not all over, I don't steal shit from people and im now hated and being accused for something I didn't do, its all good though, at least im not a controlling sociopath who's only dating someone based on the fact they smoke and always got weed"

"That's right bro you goota look at... wait, thats fucked up man, you dont know why she's dating him, maybe she thinks he's attractive"

"Are you kidding me bro, look at him, he is not attractive by any means, I mean no homo bro, but you cant say you'd touch his dick if you were a chick, plus she's controlling af over him, she says jump and he says how high, he'd sell you out of she told him too. Sadly shes probably the best he can get and she aint even that cute, she looks like she aint Jaba the hutt and her hair looks like someone lit a match on front of her face and farted "

"Bwahahahaha, wtf bro"
by Eatshitmafucker April 09, 2018
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