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An act of sexual "pleasure" where the man first takes either flaming hot sauce, chili sauce, or pepper sauce, and rubs it on his cock. After jerkin it for a while, he stops and has his girl suck him off. Getting the sauce into her mouth, they then make out and transfer the sauce. The man continues to eat out the girl. The next step in this process is for the man to toss the girls salad, (hence the "Vegitarian.") This involves hours of getting her ass hole licked and sucked. During all of these things the hot sauce is destroying wherever the girl is touched by it. You finish off by pwning the chicks pussy. Basically this is hell for the girl and not too bad for the guy, unless the sauce gets into his penis hole.
Hey Jack, what did you and Jill do for Sweetest day?
Not much bro, I just made her breakfast.
Really? She like it?
Naw man, she fuckin hated it.
OOOOOOOOOHHHHH... You mean an Argentinian Vegitarian Breakfast?
That's Whatsup.
by 3c3a3l3v3i3n3 February 19, 2009
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