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Architurnt: The act of turning up as an Architecture major. Instead of plastic handles, 30 racks, drunk sorority girls, and bad decisions, Architecture majors turn up in a different fashion. We tend to stay up longer, drink to much drugs (Caffeine), have raves in the studio while listening to contemporary jazz, and wake up with a hangover of pride. Getting turnt in the studio takes on a different meaning here than it does in a rap song.
"wow, my roomate got so architurnt last night she came home at 5 am with x-acto cuts and woke up with a hot glue gun stuck to her butt"
"I heard Tim got so fucking architurnt last night he finished his model before 2 am, what a light weight"
"architurning up tonight, anybody want to come and draft this shit up w/ me?"
by MichaelLucas November 14, 2014
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